Terms and Conditions

Personal Information

The information above is strictly confidential and will not be accessible by anyone than me.


Declaration & Waiver:


I have been informed, understand and am aware that the exercise program I am participating in, like all fitness activities involve a risk of injury and I am voluntarily participating in these activities and accepting these risks at my own discretion. I am currently in good physical condition and will advise my instructor of any health issues that may affect my participation. I confirm that I have my doctor's permission to participate in such a program. I release 'THE BODY HUB' and it's agents from any liability whatsoever arising from my participation in the program.


I agree to inform my instructor of any new injuries or conditions (including pregnancy) and I agree I am freely participating in THE BODY HUB activities with these known conditions I assume full responsibility for my participation. I assume all risk and understand it is my responsibility to consult a doctor about participating in these activities.


I agree to comply with THE BODY HUB's conditions of participation ,and abide by THE BODY HUB policies, including health and safety policies. While participating in THE BODY HUB activities, I agree to report any hazard, safety issue, and will act to avoid injuring myself, or others, in case said hazard occurs. 

Studio Policies



1.    I understand there is a 24-hour cancellation policy for classes, and that I will be charged in full if I fail to provide appropriate notice.

2.    There is a strict NO REFUND policy for classes.

3.    Most classes are 45 minutes or 55 minutes Long

4.    Package of 4 & 6 classes expire within a month of purchase whether used or not.

5.    Packages of 10 & 12 Classes expire within 2 months of purchase whether used or not.

Pre-booked packages ( Private groups, Workshops & Intensives ) 


6.    Full Payment is required to book your spot in a pre-booked package.

7.    If You wish to withdraw from the pre-booRed package up to 15 days prior to the start date of the first class you will receive a credit               minus non-refundable deposit.

8.    For Cancellations 15 days or Less prior to the pre-booked packages starting date there will be no refunds or transfers.