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July4  -September 4

If your body could talk,

what would it say?

Would it want more strength and agility? Better balance or posture? Maybe just greater health and wellbeing in general… a feeling of optimal wellness.

Pilates Instructor Dubai Danielle Haggar


is passionate

about supporting you through a range of classes, workshops and retreats. Our reason for being is to help others find optimal wellness, in mind, body and soul. We believe in the power of community and connection and know that with the right support, improved health and wellness is achievable for everyone.




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Classes are based on the foundations of Pilates, Yamuna, yoga, functional training and dance. Each class is unique, a fusion of Danielle’s experience, knowledge and insight into the workings of the body. Movement is the most magical tool we have in our toolbox and at The Body Hub, our goal is to unlock that toolbox and teach you how to use the tools.

take the first step in transforming the way your body feels and moves, because that first step is often the beginning of

a great journey

Meet Danielle Haggar

Founder, Instructor.

I’m a body and movement specialist, committed to helping my clients move better, feel better and live better.

My classes are highly specialised, tailored to the individual and holistic in nature.

I am passionate about working with everybody, for everybody. Wherever you are now, I’d love to play a role in your journey.

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