Danielle Haggar

Passionate about health, fitness and movement – her interest and drive to constantly add to her knowledge and qualifications is limitless. In 2001, Danielle was in an accident where she fell out of a slowly moving car broke a few metatarsals in her right foot. She healed well and continued to dance and perform for some time. Two years later the injury resurfaced when she was unable to rise up from a stretching position and had to be taken to the ER where she was informed by the that she had two disc protrusions and sciatica. As part of her recovery she discovered Pilates and the benefits and strengths of the Pilates method.

Danielle keeps up to date with new techniques, methods and research to keep harnessing her expertise level to provide the very best for her clients while always growing and expanding herself.  Continually curious and aware of advances in the field having most recently added the qualification of being the first and only certified Yamuna Body Rolling Practitioner in the region. Throughout the year she works closely with biomechanics specialists, kinesiologists and physiotherapists in Canada to help bring an even deeper level of knowledge to her clients.

She has taught in Montreal, Cairo, Abu Dhabi and is currently Dubai-based. Through her time in Dubai she has aimed to elevate body awareness in a manner customized to each individual’s needs through a safe and effective smart-workout where attention to detail is key.

Our aim is simple. Our vision is to amplify our clients wellness – mind, body and soul. We design fitness programs for individual specifications, goals and results. Whether you desire a complete transformation, looking to push yourself to an even stronger fitness level or even healing from a physical setback. We will guide and support you on a path to feel your best and strongest in all aspects of your wellbeing – we are your hub. The Body Hub.

Our areas of expertise ensure that your health is protected while you are being driven to build strength, enhance flexibility, find balance and align yourself inwards and outwards.

Through our sessions you can experience the positive shift that a little bit of sweat, breathing and mindfulness can have on all aspects of your life.